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Power for Good

David Serlin

Life is full of invitations and opportunities, for growth and discovery, if we keep our minds open and heed the signs. Naturally, we can always refuse…but sometimes Spirit has a subtle way of urging us in the right direction. David and Linda Serlin said “Yes!” to one unexpected invitation and this book is the story of how that choice set them on an exciting spiritual adventure and changed their lives completely. From a stately home in Essex, UK, to an esoteric retreat on the north Californian coast of the USA, their journey brought deep spiritual insights and principles that David shares with us in this fascinating and uplifting book. Whilst revealing their own unsuspected talents, their experiences also led them to the realisation that there is a Power for Good in the universe, greater than we are and that we can all use. In clear and friendly language, David shows us just how to do that!

Price: £14 including P&P

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Power For Good - Press Release

Please click on the PDF on the left to view our Power For Good press release, which includes reviews of the book from satisfied customers and Kindred Spirit magazine.


Highway to Healing

David Serlin

Highway to Healing is the remarkable but true story of how one man, Leonard Serlin, became a Healer and how his life and the lives of those around him were transformed by this extraordinary 'gift'.

Illustrated by many dramatic and moving case histories we follow Leonard's 'journey of healing', from its earliest beginnings to the present day. We meet some of the people who have been healed and share their remarkable experiences.

Price: £10 including P&P

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