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Power for Good

David Serlin

'Power For Good' is an inspiring account of David Serlin's spiritual journey and how he and his wife Lin discovered New Thought and the Science of Mind. This book is a treasure trove of material for personal spiritual growth and an inspiration to everyone who desires to deliver this life-affirming message to the world. It will benefit students of spiritual teachings at every level, whether beginners or advanced. Highly recommended! - R Juline.

WOW! What an adventure! David's gift for writing makes this book read like fiction, but the best part is that it's all true! You learn the principles that opened up superb possibilities in David's life and you learn how to apply them to yours as well. I very much enjoyed this fresh new take on the ideas I have known and loved for decades. Highly recommended. - Kindred Spirit.

Available from Amazon, in paperback, e-book or directly below:

Price: £14 including P&P

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Highway to Healing

David Serlin

Highway to Healing is the remarkable but true story of how one man, Leonard Serlin, became a Healer and how his life and the lives of those around him were transformed by this extraordinary 'gift'.

Illustrated by many dramatic and moving case histories we follow Leonard's 'journey of healing', from its earliest beginnings to the present day. We meet some of the people who have been healed and share their remarkable experiences.

Price: £10 including P&P

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