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The Kings Langley New Thought/
Spiritual Living Group

A Powerhouse of Prayer, Positivity & Infinite Possibilities.

New Thought - Law of Attraction - Science of Mind - Louise Hay - Catherine Ponder - Florence Schinn and Universal Spiritual Principles.


  • Regular monthly meetings on a Sunday evening in Kings Langley (J20 M25)

  • Music & meditation

  • Inspirational readings and Positive affirmations

  • Lively debates and sharing

  • Meet and connect with spiritually like minded people

  • Friendly and informal group

  • Newcomers welcome!

  • £10 donation per session

"We believe spirituality should be relevant, accessible
and above all, fun!"

Contact us on 01923 264550 for further details.

"There is a Law Of Good
A Power in the Universe greater than us and we can use it.
It will multiply a thousand times through
the united consciousness of a Group."

- Ernest Holmes

“Its really great to be with such loving and caring people sharing happiness instead of doom and gloom. I have been working on my affirmations and found they have helped me get through things in a happy way.” 

—  KL

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