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New Thought is a modern spiritual philosophy based on ancient wisdom from the East and West, that asserts that our thoughts, attitudes, feelings and beliefs determine our experience.

Visit our Spiritual Living Group in Kings Langley where we host regular monthly meetings on a Sunday evening. We teach and share 'Practical Spirituality', utilising the principles of New Thought (and Science of Mind) to deal more effectively with life's issues, challenges and opportunities. Newcomers are welcome!

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New Thought

Science of Mind


The UK's very first Science of Mind conference was held at the Rudolf Steiner Theatre in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire in 2007. Hundreds of people from all over the world came to celebrate life, love and spirit.

New Thought
Science of Mind


The UK's second Science of Mind conference was held at the Watford Hilton Hotel and featured popular speakers from the USA including Dr Kathy Hearn, David Leonard, Michael Gott and Dr Susan Smith Jones.

“What a wonderful weekend. I had a great time! It was so inspiring to meet so many open hearted people in one place. This has to be the beginning of something beautiful.” 

—  KS



New Thought, New You is run by David and Linda Serlin, both qualified healers and licensed practitioners of New Thought/Science of Mind (RScp) and co-founders of the longest running Science of Mind group in the UK.



New Thought, New You run regular positive affirmation and spiritual discussion groups and workshops online via Zoom on Sunday evenings, which include lively debates and inspirational talks with eminent New Thought guest speakers.



Linda Serlin is a Psychologist BSc (Hons), Nutritionist and Intuitive Colour Therapist and together with David Serlin she runs powerful one to one sessions in healing, nutritional guidance, intuitive colour readings and life coaching.

“Last Sunday's gathering has to have been the most uplifting to date. I found the whole evening a truly wonderful and enriching experience.” 

—  SW


New Thought, New You

New Thought is all about looking at life from a different perspective, focusing on ‘what we want’ rather than on ‘what we don’t  want’, understanding that we have the ‘power’ to change our lives  by changing our thinking.

The term is not new (it was coined over a hundred years ago) but has become topical  recently through the works of great New Thought / Science Of Mind teachers like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer and through the phenomenally successful book (and dvd)
The Secret...

“What the mind can concieve and believe it can achieve.” 

—  Napoleon Hill


David Serlin's remarkable but true story of a modern day healer.


David Serlin's brand new book, launching on December 8th 2019!


Linda Serlin's beautiful book of purposeful poems and affirmations.

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Tel: 01923 264550

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