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David & Linda Serlin

David & Linda Serlin are both qualified healers (MNFSH) and licensed practitioners of New Thought/Science Of Mind (RScp).

They are regional joint presidents (UK South) for the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) and co-founders/directors of the Kings Langley New Thought/Spiritual Living Group (founded in 1999), now the longest running Science Of Mind group in the UK.

David Serlin is also a writer and qualified teacher of Positive Thinking (Peiffer Foundation). His first book Highway To Healing inspired hundreds of people with its clear message and easy to read style.

Linda Serlin is also a Psychologist BSc (Hons), Nutritionist and Intuitive Colour Therapist and has published her first anthology of 'purposeful poems' called Shine On.

His second (soon to be published) book Power For Good traces their spiritual journey, and the landmark events that have set them on the paths of discovery and revelation.

In 2007 they conceived, organised and hosted the first ever Science Of Mind conference in the UK at the Rudolf Steiner Theatre in Kings Langley, which featured New Thought luminaries Dr Mark Vierra and Rev Mark Anthony Lord as key speakers.

Together, David and Linda teach Practical Spirituality - how to apply the Universal Spiritual Principles of New Thought & Science Of Mind to deal more effectively with life's issues, challenges and opportunities. They are passionate and committed about their work and believe that spirituality should be part of life - relevant, accessible and above all ... fun!

And in 2009, they hosted a follow up second international conference at the Watford Hilton with Dr Roger Teel, David Leonard, Dr Kathy Hearn, Michael Gott and Karen Drucker.

In 2010 they were awarded the Mary Horgan District Presidents Award for their efforts in promoting a wider awareness of New Thought in the UK.

“This life is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift to God.” 

—  Eric Butterworth

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